You can get used cars at wholesale prices at Used Cars Wholesale Center!



You can get used cars at wholesale prices

at Used Cars Wholesale Center!

You don’t need to pay ANY administrative fees. You can simply drive away on the day of purchase or we will deliver anywhere in the country for a reasonable fee!

  • Tokyo


  • Kanto area


  • Aichi Prefecture


Delivery fee is special rate for wholesalers

What is included in “Wholesale price”?

“Wholesale price” means “the price of the car” and “mandatory expenses”, such as tax and the compulsory insurance. You don’t need to pay any other administrative fees which are normally charged by other used car dealers.ecause you are going to fill the form for change of ownership and other simple paper works by yourself, you can save up to 200,000 yen comparing to when you buy from ordinary used car dealers.

  Company A Company B Us
Mandatory Fees Automobile tax 14,300 14,300 14,300
Compulsory automobile liability insurance 12,44012,440 12,440
Recycling fee deposit 9,8609,860 9,860
Administrative fees Change of ownership 39,500 28,000 0
General handling fee 20,000 12,000 0
Mechanical check-up fee 58,000 39,000 0
Vehicle preparation fee 18,000 9,800 0
Administrative scrivener’s fee 9,800 5,800 0
Handling fee for a trade-in vehicle 15,000 0 0
Evaluation fee 8,000 0 0
Consumption tax 16,424 10,528 0
Total 221,324 141,728 36,600

(When purchasing a used car (1.5 liter) in October)

You can drive away on the same day!

In the U.S, when you buy a used car, you are normally able to drive away “on the day of purchase”. In Japan, however, it takes 2-3 weeks to get a car ready after signing a contract because of our country’s unique systems and culture. This is so frustrating! But you don’t have to worry anymore if you buy from Used Car Wholesale Center at the wholesale price! Well, why does it normally take so long anyway, and why is Used Car Wholesale Center different?

The typical process of buying a car from normal used car dealers

The typical process of buying a car from normal used car dealers

The typical process of buying a car from Used Car Wholesale Center

The typical process of buying a car from Used Car Wholesale Center 写真

Because all cars stocked at Used Car Wholesale Center have current warranty of fitness and registration plate, you are able to drive away on the day you sign a contract!

Change of ownership is an easy process and you only need to do it within a month after you take your car home. That is why no administrative fee applies!

Normal used car dealers spend a lot of time and use many staff to get various works done, therefore they need to pay for the staff, car park, insurance, petrol, and more.

To make a profit, they have to pass those costs onto customers.

However, because you can drive away on the same day when you buy a car from Used Car Wholesale Center, no additional fees apply unlike other used car dealers.

This allows us to set the price of cars lower without charging any administrative fees!

About land delivery

遠方で車を取りに行けない…、同じ東京都内だけど忙しくて取りに行く暇が無い… ご安心ください!! 日本全国陸送納車が可能です!ご来店時、ご帰宅時のガソリン代・高速道路の料金より、お安く運べます!!

Your car will be transferred between branches of the logistic company by a large track, therefore your car remains the same condition
(no risk of getting stone chip or parts worn etc)

You don’t need to worry about these!
Hokkaido Sapporo City 50,200 yen Shiga Otsu City 30,400 yen
Aomori Aomori City 45,400 yen Kyoto Kyoto City 30,400 yen
Iwate Morioka City 37,600 yen Osaka Osaka City 30,900 yen
Akita Akita City 42,400 yen Hyogo Kobe City 33,400 yen
Miyagi Sendai City 30,400 yen Nara Nara City 30,400 yen
Yamagata Yamagata City 32,800 yen Wakayama Wakayama City 37,600 yen
Fukushima Fukushima City 24,800 yen Tottori Tottori City 50,200 yen
Ibaraki Anywhere 17,000 yen Shimane Matsue City 53,800 yen
Tochigi Anywhere 17,000 yen Okayama Okayama City 41,200 yen
Gunma Anywhere 17,000 yen Hiroshima Hiroshima City 46,000 yen
Saitama Anywhere 17,000 yen Yamaguchi Yamaguchi City 52,000 yen
Chiba Anywhere 17,000 yen Tokushima Tokushima City 38,200 yen
Tokyo Anywhere 13,000 yen Kagawa Takamatsu City 42,400 yen
Kanagawa Anywhere 17,000 yen Ehime Matsuyama City 49,600 yen
Niigata Niigata City 28,200 yen Kochi Kochi City 42,400 yen
Ishikawa Kanazawa City 33,500 yen Saga Saga City 48,600 yen
Fukui Fukui City 36,300 yen Nagasaki Nagasaki City 56,200 yen
Yamanashi Kofu City 18,900 yen Kumamoto Kumamoto City 52,200 yen
Nagano Nagano City 24,000 yen Oita Oita City 52,000 yen
Gifu Gifu City 29,400 yen Miyazaki Miyazaki City 56,200 yen
Shizuoka Shizuoka City 20,600 yen Kagoshima Kagoshima City 57,400 yen
Aichi Nagoya City 28,000 yen Okinawa Okinawa City 80,200 yen
Mie Tsu City 29,900 yen ※Tax excluded

What happens after purchasing?

The process depends on the size of vehicle you purchased, but it is very simple.


Normal size cars

Registration for garage certification

When registering or changing ownership, you have to register for garage certification. When you buy a normal size car, you need to register for garage certification at your local police office.

Normal size cars01

※The form will be provided

Please be noticed that it will cost 2,500-2,800 yen to register.

Change of ownership

Once you got the garage certification, you need to bring your car to the nearest District Land Transport Bureau along with the other documents to change the ownership and registration plate.

Normal size cars02

It will cost 2,000-2,500 yen including the registration plate fee, and it will take 30-60 minutes.

Small size cars

You can change the ownership on the same day since garage certification is not required for small size cars.

Small size cars

It will cost 1,500-2,000 yen including the registration plate fee, and it will take 30-60 minutes.

As you can see, changing the ownership is very easy!
Sample form is available at District Land Transport Bureau. Alternatively, there is an administrative scrivener's office in the same premise that will do everything on behalf of you at around 3,000-5,000 yen.

We can help registration for garage certification and change of ownership at a reasonable price!

“Busy during the weekdays?”
“Don’t know what to do?”
We are here to provide the agency service at a very reasonable price!

Garage certification fee at ordinary used car dealers
19.000-25,000 yen    14,900 yen (tax excluded) Change of ownership fee at ordinary used car dealers25.000-30,000 yen    14,900 yen (tax excluded) ALL FREE!

In case of emergency
Compulsory inspection and Car Sensor After Service

“Need assistance in case of emergency?”
“Want to get inspection done at the same time?”

We have extra options
(Compulsory inspection and Car Sensor After Service)available.

What is Car Sensor After Service?

“Car Sensor After Service” is a support service for used cars provided by Recruit. It covers a wide range of troubles and is usually free of charge. (conditions apply)

point01 Coverage!

Car Sensor After Service covers the most items (237) in the industry! Electronic parts are also covered.

point02 Price!

Service fee depends on the period, engine size, year, and mileage. You can choose the best price suited for your budget!

point03 Period!

Car Sensor After Service covers up to 3 years for Japanese cars and up to 2 years for imported cars regardless of mileage.

Extra options

Compulsory inspection and Car Sensor After Service 1 year 50,000 yen (tax excluded) Compulsory inspection and Car Sensor After Service 2 year 100,000 yen (tax excluded) 法定整備&カーセンサーアフター保証3年が200,000円(税別Compulsory inspection and Car Sensor After Service 3 year 200,000 yen (tax excluded)

All our stocks go through performance check up, and come with a document of quality approval issued by the third party.

“Is there any history of major accident or mechanical problems?”
“Is the mileage accurate? How do I know that the meter hasn’t been tampered?”

Don’t worry! All our stocks have passed the quality assurance test conducted by Japan Automobile Appraisal Association, and their mileage readings have been certified by Nippon Auto Auction Association

About Japan Automobile Appraisal Association

All the cars sold at Used Car Wholesale Center go through the quality assurance test conducted by Japan Automobile Appraisal Association. This system ensures that there is a fair and accurate testing conducted by the professional third party organization. If there is any significant damage or mechanical fault which could affect the safety of the vehicle, a document of approval will not be issued.


About Nippon Auto Auction Association

This organization has developed the original mileage certifying system to protect both consumers and the used auto mobile industry. They store and monitor the mileage data of used cars sold at auctions to prevent any meter tampering.


If you are not fully satisfied, you can return the car for a refund!

“The car feels bigger than I imagined. I want to change to a smaller car”
“My family doesn’t like the car”
“I have changed my mind and want to buy a brand new car now”

No need to panic! We will give your money back!

We will refund with a handling fee of 50,000 yen, as long as it has been within 2 weeks since you received your car and the car hasn’t travelled more than 500 km. No questions asked. It will be just like renting a car!

Rental car fee

Rental car fee


We will refund the price of the car and mandatory fees only. Land transport fee, other administrative fees, and handling fee are not refundable. Refund available only when there are no extra scratches and mechanical faults. Refund service is only for buyers paid by cash.

About auto loan

About auto loan

“Want to make monthly payments?”
“Worried if interest is too high?”

We have auto loan available
with the lowest interest rate (5.9% p.a)
in the industry!

Comparing to an average interest rate in the used car industry

Comparing to an average interest rate in the used car industry

The difference is as big as 55,850 yen!!

When buying a car worth 1 million yen, the difference becomes staggering 111,700 yen!

How can we sell our cars for such low prices?

The reason why we can offer such low prices is
the speed of
our inventory turnover
which is the fastest
in the industry.

Comparing to ordinary used car dealers


It normally takes around 90 days per car to be sold since coming into the stock. Even after the sale is completed, it needs another 10-15 days to service the car and change the ownership.

However, we need only 30 days to get a car sold.
Our inventory turnover rate is three times faster than ordinary used car dealers!
Plus, a car gets ready immediately after it is sold, so no long term parking space is required.

This is why we can offer such low prices!

About us

Here at Used Car Wholesale Center, we promise to offer good quality cars at reasonable prices through strict stock purchasing program and extensive quality control.

  • Purchasing stocks

    Only purchasing good quality cars from across the country

    We only purchase strictly selected cars from across Japan. We use auctions for wholesalers as well as networks with other dealers to purchase large quantity of cars. This enables us to purchase good quality cars from various manufacturers at reasonable prices.

  • Evaluation

    Vehicle evaluation by us and a third party

    Once a car is purchased, it is going to be evaluated by us to see if the car is sellable. It then gets evaluated by a third party testing organization. In case there are major faults, the car will be sold through an auction for wholesalers. We sell only the high quality vehicles which passed the test twice.

  • Cleaning and pricing

    Cleaning and pricing

    Vehicles for sale will be cleaned thoroughly from interior to exterior, suspension, and even the engine room. We will also check the market extensively to offer the lowest price possible.

Message from CEO

CEO  Takashi Koizumi


Takashi Koizumi

Currently, there are around 2.5 million used cars traded in the market each year. Some of them are exported overseas and the others end up getting scrapped, but we still have around 2 million used cars traded domestically.

The market has become very competitive and used car dealers had to shift their focus from simply “selling cars” to “providing supports in all aspects of driving”. There are more and more additional values included which are reflected on the administrative fees, and this means that they are not just selling “cars” but “services” as well.

As the result, these services and additional values have become too complicated for general consumers to understand, even if they are thoroughly explained by a dealer.

This is why you could end up paying 850,000 yen to company A for a car priced at 500,000 yen while you only need to pay 750,000 yen to company B for a car of the same price.

Meanwhile, trading used cars between wholesalers has always been simple. There are only “the price of a car” and “mandatory fees”. It is quick, straightforward, and involves no extra fees.

After working in the used car industry for 10 years, I personally began to question why administrative fees vary between customers or dealers. Since I wanted to sell used cars at more reasonable prices and as simply as possible, I have established a new wholesale system which is available to general consumers.

We will not offer any unnecessary service or additional value. We promise that we only provide what is essential to our customers and stick to the basic principle of used car dealing as well as retail business; providing an opportunity to purchase good quality products for reasonable prices.



Address 2-37-12 Sunagawa-cho, Tachikawa-city, Tokyo 190-0031
Business hours 10am-7pm
Closed Monday